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  • Protecting free speech Protecting free speech

    Europe has been a traditional haven for those fleeing the suppression of dissenting views. This tradition is changing. Increasingly, those in authority are seeing it as their perogative to limit and define both opinion, and the way it is freely expressed. Efforts to control communication through social media for example, though rightly condemned abroad, have been sought with enthusiasm at home. At the Discourse Institute our mission is to spotlight such developments.

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  • Defending free speech

    Political pressure is successfully restricting press freedom. Transgressing the precepts of political correctness, once a social movement, can result in arrest. Expressing opinions online leads to imprisonment. European legislation is driving further in the direction of subjective offences. The management of free speech crises is a complex multi-disciplinary issue requiring tailored service provision only possible through the Discourse Institute’s unique transnational character.

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    Defending free speech
  • Promoting free speech

    Through a varied programme of events both stimulating and challenging, we hope to underscore the enduring value and benefit of the free exchange of ideas. The most effective means of preserving this priceless gift is its use, and at the Discourse Institute, we practise what we preach.

Freedom of speech is vital in democracies, as without it, the defence of all our other freedoms becomes impossible.


We are the hub of a service provision network aimed at internationally coordinating the efforts of sympathetic professionals. We primarily assist those whose state prosecution accompanies existing death threats.


The Discourse Institute conducts research, engages in analysis, and drafts policy papers, to increase public and political awareness of the incremental erosion of freedom of speech across the European Union.


Living on a continent whose history has permitted the existence of honest discourse, is an enormous privilege. We are committed to celebrating this, through the organization of a range of fora, debates and events.

Our purpose

Our focus is the free exchange of ideas and opinions, and the encroachments growing against it in the nations of the EU. We work to call attention to abuses of the right to free speech which are contrary to European traditions of justice and liberty, while engaging with policy makers, so as to highlight growing changes in the law. We also seek to stimulate public appreciation for this most vital of rights... read more


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Our principles

The prosperity and peacefulness of free nations hinge upon the ability of their citizens to communicate truthfully with one another; and the debate, innovation and progress that results from this. The extent to which the powerful respect and acknowledge the freedom of thought, speech and expression of the powerless, is a valuable gauge of the democratic health of a society... read more