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At the Discourse Institute our objective is to protect, promote and defend free speech; and we seek to accomplish these aims through a combination of academic research, advocacy and of course policy work aimed at changing the law.

However, our primary purpose has always been supporting those prosecuted in Europe for “speech crimes” something which should be anathema in the 21st Century to a continent that invented ridicule, irreverence, controversy, and divisive disagreement as the decisive methodology of its creativity.  , and building both the human and financial resources necessary to make this possible.

Our chief objective is just to be effective. To in effect make the EU a group of countries in which people are less frequently, as opposed to more frequently, convicted in this way; and we hope to do so on a case by case basis.

Given that no other political or social entity is seriously committed to this goal, our chief function is what we called networked assistance: we try and return law abiding freedom of expression to those who are having it systematically denied to them.

When we founded the Discourse Institute in 2011, we were conscious that the question of the erosion of the human right to free speech was an evolving and developing issue, sadly accelerating in a negative direction. Nevertheless, despite our predictions, we had no conception of the extent to which this would get as severely worse as it has done as a result of developments of the last year.

Consequently, dealing with day to day developments remains the primary activity of our team, with the result that our web presence will have to develop more slowly than we had hoped it would.

But while we get it up to scratch, there is much that we hope to be able provide to visitors to our website:

If you wish to get in touch with the Discourse Institute in order to report a case or prosecution taking in place in Britain that has free speech implications, you can use our Contact Us page, and we would indeed urge you to do so. Such prosecutions, shamefully, rarely emerge higher that the local press and so we are very reliant on the public to keep us up to date with respect to new cases.

There is also a plan to eventually introduce a Twitter feed (which can also be accessed by the social media buttons at the bottom left of every page, below our contact details); soon we hope to be utilizing this medium to comment on all matters related to free speech after we have developed its use for receiving anonymous reports.

You’ll also find links on the bottom of the page to our YouTube account where we will be posting media appearances and footage from our campaign events. (If you’d like to be the first to be informed about these please “Like” our Facebook Page.)

A brief history of why the Institute for Free Speech was founded can be reached at the About Us page, and you will be able to get links to blog posts written by staff or guest writer by scrolling down to the “Latest News” section at the end of each page: once that is everyone involved could stop in one place in Europe for longer than a week at a time.

Indeed, if you are a lawyer and you would like to offer us your pro bono assistance in fighting for the continuance of free speech in any country in the EU, please consider contacting us, or joining our Legal Network on LinkedIn should you have an account there. (button at the bottom of each page too) Finding independent legal representation is one of our key service areas.

Finally, if you would like to protect the proud tradition of freedom of expression that Britain has helped to create and have the resources to do so in a financial way, we would very much like to hear from you.

Mounting legal cases, appeals, and reviews can turn out to be punishingly expensive and the Discourse Institute is not independently resourced. If you can help our work please email us at: [email protected]

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The Discourse Institute
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