#UK: Police conceal scale and magnitude of anti-police protests

BranchOR5Despite pouring rain, a media blackout, and deliberate statement’s by the local police chief pretending that it would not take place: three thousand turned up today, at the protest, that never happened.

On roads swarming with officers, some were arrested; this all took place you understand, at the protest that never happened.

Locals took pictures furtively as huge policing numbers were shipped in overnight, to manage the event. That would be the protest police had told everyone, would not happen.

International media continues to focus on the causes of today’s orchestrated domestic censorship in the UK, over protests in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester; you know, the ones that never happened.

Specialist tactical officers patrolled the streets carrying gas masks with face coverings: at the protests their commander claimed never took place.

Ranks upon ranks of people turned up, this was something, that never happened.

The local constabulary most definitely had not concealed a street grooming attempt gone wrong, in the town that had the protests. Locals are definitely not outraged at the perpetrators of that assault being cautioned and released, another incident the police’s original response to which, was pretending nothing at all took place.

Sources confirm that police liaisons were thoroughly and fully informed, of the protest that never happened. Barricades were put up at the railway station, where officers prevented people from exiting trains.

Sadly for democracy however, there were no righteous liberal human rights lawyers at Ashton-under-Lyne, dutifully taking notes of every attempt by police officers to manage the local political fallout, over their ineptitude to punish religiously aggravated criminality in the town.

Local MPs happily cooperated with Chief Superintendent Adderley, as they intentionally chose to disseminate their noble lie, concealing the level of local outrage at nothing more than the behaviour of Adderley’s own constabulary in the preceding week.

Knowing that Greater Manchester Police intentionally censors the extent of street-level assaults in its area, it is a simple next logical step in the interests of greater public safety of course, to collude in an intentional orchestrated media deception: rushing overwhelming policing levels to a site, even as your senior officer tells everyone nothing is taking place.

The behaviour of Greater Manchester Police, and most noticeably Chief Superintendent Adderley, in the wave of Britain’s child rape-gang policing failures, inevitably focuses attention once again on how much the UK’s police forces are actively concealing the extent of street level disorder in Britain, since Lee Rigby’s killing.

How can the Britain’s press have any confidence in the real extent of street level disquiet in their country, if the police forces upon whom they rely to convey the truth, consider media management to be superior to the public safety of those locals who fork out the council taxes that pay them?

Utterly indifferent to any danger to local communities already suffering hight tensions, the local police chief Nick Adderley systematically lied on Twitter about events he was claiming to witness with his own eyes, urging people that everything was all fine and dandy in Ashton-under-Lyne town centre.

No doubt confident that a cooperative press would help him to conceal the protest, as indeed now normally happens; and that any local who happened across what he was concealing would be able to fend for themselves.

Using his pips and uniform to make the lie believable.

How much more is Chief Superintendent Adderley hiding from those who pay his and his officers’ wages? All for these citizens’ own good, you must understand.

We at the Discourse Institute, having informed Muslim public safety charities of the events (above) that Chief Superintendent Adderley was concealing from them this morning, now somewhat doubt that he will face prosecution under the Communications Act 2003 for issuing tweets that intentionally endanger public safety.


George Igler
George Igler
Originally a City-based political analyst and strategist, our Director came to free speech issues after conducting client-focused research into both political and religious extremism. Feeling that scrutiny, exposure and information were far more effective weapons in combating radicalism than state-mandated silence, he established the Discourse group in 2011.