#UK: censorship amid heightened street-level sectarianism

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Discourse Institute, London.

Spike in social media activity observed by @DISCOURSTAT EU news gathering.

Reports reach us of intentional YouTube take-downs of attacks witnessed by camera phone, nationally in UK.

Controversial English Defence League street protest group headed to Greater Manchester area, amid rising reports of sectarian tensions.

Media blackout, police release of arrested suspects after denial of disorder, and claims that filmed attack related to street grooming frequently cited as source of disquiet.

Events developing in climate which follows decapitation of Lee Rigby, and international attention over sex-gang phenomenon.

Tension mounting among authorities as armed servicemen increasing in street movement’s ranks.

Disorder fear as EDL leader reported absent from event after confrontations with Muslims during BBC Asian Radio phone-in.

State broadcaster refusing to deny censorship of death threat delivered during broadcast of “Free Speech” TV show, subsequently edited out of recording.

DISCOURSTAT is the Discourse Institute’s European free speech case observatory.


UPDATE 0830hrs GMT:  Twitter account of Chief Superintendent in Greater Manchester police, used to disseminate falsehood that *imminent* EDL event in Ashton-under-Lyne cancelled today.

If Twitter account genuine Nick Adderley has asked public to RT known lie, potentially as cynical public order tool.

The senior police officer has urged taxpayers whom he is employed to protect to come to a town centre where likelihood of disorder is imminent

Chief Superintendent Adderley has refused to respond to @DISCOURSTAT enquires over telling townspeople, to come to town centre as protest buses head their way: Ashton-under-Lyne has significantly greater than average Muslim population.

English Defence League street protest group confirm protesters headed to Ashton-under-Lyne.

Serious questions must now be asked of Greater Manchester police’s ability to protect public.

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